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Rohde's Hardscape Design and Installation

Rohde's in located at 1651 Wall St. in Garland Texas.
Our services are available in the North and East parts of Dallas, Texas and the suburbs North and East of Dallas.
Please call to ensure we can service your area: 972-864-1934.


Your landscape encompasses everything outside and around your home or business. Part of the landscape is the “softscape” or the horticultural plants. The other part of the landscape is the hardscape, the constructed “hard” features of wood, stone, and concrete.

Ideally you would have a landscape plan that would cover both the softscape and hardscape so they would blend together seamlessly. The hardscape would be installed first to avoid disrupting the plants, but this rarely happens in that order.

Rohde's crews are skilled in building fences, walls, walkways, driveways, patios, patio covers, pergolas, decks, gazebos, greenhouses, trellises, dog runs, outdoor kitchens, outdoor living areas, water features, storage sheds, clothes lines (remember those?), retaining walls, fireplaces, fire pits, BBQ stations, and experienced with woodworking, stonework, brickwork, concrete work, and metal work.

With our experience with the living side of landscapes we know how to minimize and how to properly repair unavoidable damage to plants and turf incurred by construction.

Larger scale hardscape projects such as swimming pools, tennis courts, separate garages, and other buildings should be installed by specialized builders, and we can work as your contractor if you wish.

With the awakening of limited water supplies in our North Central Texas area during the La Niña years of 2010 & 2011, you may be searching for ways to cut back on watering use. And you should be thinking of conserving water. Our water supply will be subjected to greatly increase demands from populating growth, with less ability to increase supply. There are only a few more places in Texas' river systems to build more lakes. So one of your first thoughts may be to get rid of the lawn. This may be acceptable for small, zero lot homes or condos, but for most homes and businesses, this is not necessary nor is it aesthetically pleasing.

The lawn has been around since the 16oo's. There must be a reason. I think it's the innate artistic appreciation we all have of what looks good. And lawns must look good to a few of us, as there is a lot of space devoted to lawns in the U.S. Artists such as painters, and photographers, need a canvas with a background or foreground to display their subject in proper perspective. A lawn does this, as you can tell while driving down a street looking at the homes' architecture, set back on their landscapes. You need this even if you are sitting on the patio looking across your yard at different landscaped areas. The lawn gives distance or perspective, separation, and organization to these areas. The bottom line is, lawns look good, they make us feel good, and dogs and kids like them.

Some see a practical value to lawns, and there can be with a properly prepared and maintained organic lawn:

"Turfgrasses are the primary vegetative covers…. Healthy grass is an aesthetic asset, and a growing body of scientific evidence points to positive environmental and health contributions from lawns and other turfgrass areas. While turfgrasses are typically thought of for recreation and aesthetic value, they also provide a valuable environmental service by preventing soil erosion, the most common water polluting agent in Georgia, from wind and rain. Furthermore, turfgrass as a permanent vegetative cover can reduce runoff from rain-fall, improve soil absorption and infiltration of water, and filter contaminates from polluted (rain) water."

From University of Georgia Extension Service
“Best Management Practices for Landscape Water Conservation" B1329 bulletin:

So while getting rid of your lawn all together is too extreme in most cases, reducing its size can be very effective in reducing water use. This can be easily done, in a very appealing manner, and as a valuable investment to your property with hardscaping.

We can utilize your plans and ideas, or we can coordinate with designers, architects, plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen if necessary. Your home can look better, be more water efficient, and gain more property value than before.


One of the purposes of a fence is to make your property look nice from the outside. So the nice side of the fence faces out for the public’s appreciation, and the ugly side faces in for your amusement. Some communities insist on this, but others may not. Many fence designs can be done as a “Neighborly” or “Good Neighbor” fence where it looks the same from both sides. The panels are sandwiched by rails on both sides, or like shadow fences they are usually a Good Neighbor fence by design.

Wood fences do need maintenance to keep look good. They should be painted or stained on regular bases. The wood last much, much longer too. Metal or vinyl fencing requires less maintenance.

Walkways and patios:

We prefer building walkways and patios on a porous base like decomposed granite to allow the soil beneath to live and breathe. It is better for tree roots and for heavily moving soils like our local black clay that shrinks and expands.

Water Features:

Fountains, waterfalls, springs, creeks, or ponds are wonderful landscape additions. They can greatly increase your enjoyment of your outdoors. Frogs like them too. They do require some maintenance and they are not drought friendly so you may not be able to fill them in bad years, but I believe they still pay for themselves in enjoyment.

Two tier steel waterfall fountain
Two tier waterfall fountain and pond, custom built by our skilled craftsman,
from a creative customer’s own design!

Landscape, Fence, Patio, Spring & Creek by Rohde’s
Landscape, Fence, Patio, Spring and Creek by Rohde’s.


K&B Retaining Wall

K&B Walkway

Dear Greg,
"Bill and I are absolutely wowed and impressed with all of the stone work that Antonio and his crew have done for us."
"The revised walkway and retaining wall are gorgeous ..."
"Without any question, the work that your crew has done surpasses any that those "big name" companies ever did for us."
"Bravo, Bravo!!!"
Karen & Bill

White limestone walkway Limestone Walkway

Board on board fence
Board on board fence.
Boards overlap for greater privacy.

Home Depot B-on-B fence
Clearer example of Board on Board fence design from behind.

Open horizontal fence
Open horizontal fence.
Good for ventilation of interior.

Tongue & groove cedar fence
Tongue and groove cedar fence

Pre-Stained shadow fence
Pre-Stained shadow fence. Good for high wind areas and neighbors.