Rohde's Fence Design and Installation

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Our services are available in the North and East parts of Dallas, Texas and the suburbs North and East of Dallas.
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A major landscape/hardscape project for many homeowners is to put up a fence.

Fences are used for decorative, privacy, and/or security purposes. The Middle English word for fence is the shorten word of “defence”, which came from the Old French “defense,” which was derived from the Latin “defendere”, meaning “to protect; defend”, one of the prime uses for a fence. And while I read the use of fences is said to have originated in ancient Greece, I think it started as soon as we stopped wandering around looking for food and started to manage the natural food supply. By manage I mean grow, horde, protect, and “defend” it from animals but more importantly from other people. It's what you need to do to become “civilized”. You have to separate your stuff from everyone else's stuff. Of course this brings about envy, lust, desires, conflicts, mayham,wars, but hey, anything for civilization.

So the importance of a fence is big! And for the furtherment of civilization, Rohde's has chosen to concentrate on installing and repairing your fences.

We are experienced in installing wood fences, metal fences, combinations, composites, wire, bar, or chain link fences, and we do custom wood or metal work also as for gates. We are very experienced with brick and stone if you want to incorporate those materials into your fence.

We do use commercial grade, thicker metal poles for their durability. We can sheath the poles with wood if you desire the all wooded look. We bury the poles deeper than normally recommended for protection against the movement of our black clay soil.

Wooden fences should be stained or painted to greatly enhance their life. Mold and insect resistant pressure treated wood is still not immune to the gradual destruction from splitting and splintering from the swelling and shrinking of water soaked wood. We can use pre-stained wood or painted wood for your project.

We can install protection from digging under your fence, safe 12 volt landscape lighting on the fence, different top or cap styles, or probably any other option you may have.

One of the purposes of a fence is to make your property look nice from the outside. So the nice side of the fence faces out for the public’s appreciation, and the ugly side faces in for your amusement. Some communities insist on this, but others may not. Many fence designs can be done as a “Neighborly” or “Good Neighbor” fence where it looks the same from both sides. The panels are sandwiched by rails on both sides, or like shadow fences they are usually a Good Neighbor fence by design.

Other designs allow for varying degrees of privacy, high wind resistance, or security.

Please contact us for more information and estimates: 972-864-1934 or

6' single side fence wGate
6' Pre-Stained Single Sided Fence with Gate, Top Cap-Board, and
bottom Rot Board, also called Weed or Kick board.

Tongue&Groove wBackside
Corner shot of 8' Tongue & Groove Pre-Stained Fence
showing construction from both sides.

Open Horizontal Fence Crop
Open Horizontal Fence for partial privacy and exellent air circulation.

Open Horizontal Fence Crop from inside
Inside of Open Horizontal Fence with a hidden gate.

Open Horizontal Fence Crop wSliding Gate
Another part of the Open Horizontal Fence with a sliding gate on a track.


K&B Retaining Wall Stone Retaining Wall.

Board on board fence
Board on board fence.
Boards overlap for greater privacy.

Home Depot B-on-B fence
Clearer example of Board on Board fence design from behind.

Open horizontal fence
Open horizontal fence.
Good for ventilation of interior.

Pre-Stained Shadow Fence
Pre-Stained shadow fence. Good for high wind areas and neighbors as it looks the same from both sides.

Pre-Stained Shadow Fence length wise
Length wise view of the Shadow Fence to better see the construction.